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A fairly large room, stocked up with art material of every kind, tucked away inside the Chitrakala Parishath Campus, ‘Bhaskar Art Centre’ is a good place to satisfy the artist in you!

This shop however is only a branch of the main outlet "Bhaskar Art Centre" on Avenue Road which is a wholesale shop for stationary, engineering drawing equipment, as well as art material.

Solely dedicated to artists and students of art, this shop sells an excellent variety of art material at discounted prices. Located within the Chitrakala Parisath campus, the shop’s main customers are students studying at ‘The Bangalore College of Fine Arts’ for whom the price of material is substantially discounted. However the shop is frequently visited by the public and artists exhibiting at the Chitrakala Parishath Gallery.

Available at Bhaskar Art Centre is a variety of paper: Newsprint, Cartridge, Handmade, Canson, Gateway, Colored chart, and other textured paper. Prices range from Rupees 1 – 25/-.
Brushes, Water colours, Acrylics, Oil paints, Pastels, Charcoals, Crayons, Color pencils are also available here along with basic stationary items like Pencils, Rulers, Erasers, Blades, Pens and many paints materials.

The prices depend on the brand which again is of good variety – Camilin, Artist, Pabeo, Winds or Newton and more. Being distributors of Camilin Art material in Bangalore, 'Bhaskar Art Centre' is fully equiped with all Camilin's art material and stationary.

Bhaskar Art Centre also sells Easels, Canvases, and all the latest accessories required by an artist. Windsor Newton easels range from Rupees 3000/- to 5000, and Easels of an ordinary make range from Rupees 1700/- to 3000/-. Students get 10 to 12% discount on most items.

If a fairly large order is required, We will contact your main outlet and provide the material. In comparison to Madras or Calcutta, art material is very expensive in Bangalore. A Canson sheet that costs Rs 24/-  but in Bhaskars’ is Rs 12/- as in Chennai and similarly with canvas or paints.

However if anyone in Bangalore does require any kind of art material at an affordable price, contact  us we will provide you.